KF94 Eardloop - Lesgro
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KF94 Eardloop
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Specifications: Comfortable with ergonomic 3D design How to wear 1. Check that the area in contact with the respiratory system is not contaminated. 2. Put the side of the nose side up and start from the jaw side to cover the nose and mouth completely. 3. Hang the hair tie to your ear and fix it. 4. Press the fingers of both hands so that the nose supports are close to the nose. 5. Wrap the entire mask with both hands and check for air leaks and adjust it so that it adheres to the face. Precautions 1. Masks should be replaced in time, long-term use is not recommended 2. If there is unsuitability or adverse reaction during wearing, it is recommended to stop using 3. This product is not washable, please make sure to use it within the validity period 4. Store in a dry and ventilated place, away from fire and flammable materials Description: Specification SIZE: 20.5cm *8.5cm(adult) Weight: 5g There are four layers

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